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If you have found yourself part of a global team or even just one spread across the United States recently, we’ve got some ideas to help you work more effectively and be a great team player. Working remotely across time zones and cultures has changed our team dynamic. We lost some ability to organically align in real-time, but gained the understanding needed to adapt. As a result, now we’re able to plan projects and teams specifically for a local, remote, or hybrid project team setup. Because working remotely does add friction to alignment, we think it’s useful to co-locate, at least for parts of the project that are high in ambiguity. Co-locating raises efficiency in the creative process by taking away time delays in communication and creating more overlaps for people to mind-meld.

Another issue according to Paul Endress arises where power asymmetries cause the weaker members in the team to synchronize their time-related activities to the stronger ones. Be the first to know about Anyplace news including tips on remote work, digital nomadism, and housing. Our website is built to provide a faster, more engaging experience. Please update to the latest version of Microsoft Edge or contact your network administrator. Improve your employee experience with expert resources for people leaders. Explore how companies are creating world‑class employee experiences across demographics, industries and more. Pinpoint and resolve your organization’s culture challenges with the latest research and expert guidance.

working in different time zones

One of the ways you can keep tabs on these is by subscribing to the relevant calendars in Google Calendar. From the web interface, click the plus button next to Other calendars, then Browse calendars of interest, followed by Regional holidays. Now every time you suspect the other side of the world is busy celebrating, you can open your calendar and check if that’s the case, or if there’s some people you need to nag. Sometimes you need to know how time zones fit in with each other—that’s where World Time Zone comes in. The site displays a compact but comprehensive map showing every time zone and how they’re linked by longitude.

Global Teams Are Possible

If teams don’t experience any overlap in work hours, there’s bound to be some time wasted as one team is waiting for the instructions or the input from another one, working at a later time. And, as team communication is directly correlated to productive collaboration, it can lead to unnecessary delays, missed messages, and an overall drop in productivity. MAKE IT FAIR.When working with teams that are separated by oceans, e.g. Vietnam and San Francisco, don’t stick one person with the late night or early morning shift. Everyone should feel and share the pain of time zones when you’re working on a team. We’ll show you what those are, and how to work efficiently with teammates across different time zones in a way that’s productive (and not intrusive!). We’ll also show you some of the key tips to take into account to be more aware of the experiences of remote employees.

Therefore, any amount of time difference can be used as an advantage for distributed teams, considering it gives employees time to work undistracted. One of the best things about remote work and being a digital nomad is that it gives you the freedom to travel and work in amazing locations.

People communicate differently when in a group setting like a video conference and it can improve the overall team dynamics. Time zone differences created a need for hand-off and documentation for the other team. Teams also had to meet through video calls to discuss the hand-off and documentation. If the receiver had any questions, even trivial ones, they had to wait several hours to get an answer. Given these time delays, the people preparing hand-offs felt like they needed to complete a significant milestone to make it easier for the next person to be able to build on top of it.

Timezone messages like the one above can help you be mindful of what to send when to send it, and if your message is urgent enough to send as soon as possible. For example, if you have a few messages you want to send, but notice it’s 9 p.m. In another employee’s timezone, you might either want to avoid sending til the morning or schedule an email. “When you work in different timezones, it’s important to be aware of when you’re sending a message or email,” says Rebecca White, a junior writer for the HubSpot Blog. With all of the technology at our fingertips, many teams are no longer required to work in the same location or at the same time.

Asia Time Zone Overlap With India

Overcome time zone differences by memorizing which countries are located where. One time, when we were working remotely and traveling as freelancers in Hanoi, Vietnam, Dan had a cross-time-zone meeting with clients in the US, Australia and somewhere else as well. Write what you’ve done that day, share where you’re hung up on a project, and ping others with ideas.

  • Go for a stroll, grab an acai bowl and eat it outside, or simply sit in the sun and flip through an interesting book or zine.
  • Working remotely across time zones and cultures has changed our team dynamic.
  • Splitting your hourly schedule around the time zones of your team helps you to be more available for meetings or fast communication with your foreign colleagues while not neglecting your office colleagues.
  • By creating a standard on-boarding process for educating new employees you will be creating a solid workforce that will start working as soon as they hit the ground.

With regular earbuds from behind, how will people know you’re in the zone? This tip also applies to block out chaotic family members at home or even for those moments on Friday when everyone is feeling chattier at work.

How To Empower Your Team When You’re Working Across Time Zones

Make a list of the nations with whom you collaborate, as well as all of the holidays during which your team members will be unavailable. Many Indian outsourcing firms offer to work almost the same office hours as their clients – they will work “in your time zone” so to speak. This can be an attractive proposition to rich-world clients located in faraway time zones such as Europe, Australia and North America. It’s something I’ve learned through growing the WeWork community both in the U.S. and now across the U.K. And Ireland — flexible management keeps me and my team engaged and united globally. Additionally, consider setting a sum aside to bring your entire team together each year, for example for a series of centralized workshops. Once a year at WeWork we hold our Summer Camp — a weekend away for all of our employees — where we can connect with coworkers from around the world.

working in different time zones

In any work environment building relationships fosters trust, increases collaboration, and raises productivity—but it’s especially important for remote teams. Social relationships with colleagues not only combats isolation, but it decreases barriers to asking questions, getting help, and taking risks that are crucial to growth.

You also have to be fair to every member in the team by balancing their schedules and stays in particular locations. Well, you have to implement systems which help to systemize every aspect of the virtual office. More importantly, track work output throughout the team by first communicating key performance indicators . Once everyone on the team is clear on what is expected from them ensure that you monitor and track everything to ensure every team member does their part. Today this is less arduous considering the different software available.

We share some lessons into why it’s hard and how design teams can plan and run projects effectively when people are apart. It is true you are running a remote team but humans are social animals and they need to rejuvenate the camaraderie they enjoyed in traditional offices. Building relationships within your team creates trust among your team members making them feel more motivated.

Be Mindful Of National And Local Holidays Around The World, In Addition To World Time Zones

We say to all team members that they’re responsible for ensuring at least 2 hours of overlap with these times each day, regardless of where they’re based. The above team might be just one new employee away from losing any areas of standard business hours overlap. Asking people to attend meetings at early or late hours can be very challenging for people who are caretakers, which is one of the many reasons people choose remote work in the first place. At some point, you may be forced to architect your time zone management in a way that will support business growth and individual needs. To prevent this common hurdle of working across time zones, organizations can set an official time zone for all team members to reference when scheduling meetings or setting deadlines. That way, teams can avoid confusion, misalignment, and delays. With a uniform time zone in place, employees can easily figure out the time difference for their location and plan accordingly.

ORGANIZE YOUR TEAM WELL.Instead of going from east to west, try organizing your teams from north to south. Even though there’s a great distance between each other, the time zones are generally closer. Aside from specifically discussing timezone-related needs and boundaries as needed, you can also mark your standard work hours on a team calendar — while encouraging colleagues to do the same. Plus, setting a shared goal and outlining what you hope to accomplish are some of the best practices for leading effective virtual team meetings. Whatever they choose, it’s important to respect everyone’s preferred work hours and do-not-disturb hours — and know when these occur in their time zone. Share these with the team, so everyone knows when it’s okay to dish work and when it’s not. Teams can collaborate to meet deadlines without the need for overtime or late-night shifts.

  • Ensure that both groups of people in their respective time zones know when they can expect you to be available and when you won’t be.
  • “If you’re working two timezones that don’t overlap much, why not split your shift into two instead of doing the same number of hours consecutively?” asks Kelly.
  • Remote employees are shown to communicate with their supervisors at a rate comparable to office employees.
  • Remote workers and companies experience lots of benefits—cost savings, less distractions, and increased productivity, to name a few.
  • You can mix in work meetings and training sessions with some fun activities that just focus on team bonding.

It ends at 2 AM on the first Sunday in April, when clocks are put back one hour. Uptime of software systems are ensured through reliable and trusted cloud server infrastructure providers such as AWS and Rackspace. For large critical business systems, we can provide on-call developers. In some cases, staff can even handle planned and occasional odd-hour webcam meetings from home. GitHub Desktop 3.0 brings better integration with your GitHub Pull Requests. You can now receive real time notifications and review the status of your check runs for your pull request. Imagine you’re in an organization with over 2,000 repositories across several different product lines.

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It’s unobtrusive, and constantly helpful — you’ll thank yourself too many times for installing it. Clearly, we’re huge fans of how being distributed team gives your team versatility, diversity, and unique cultural perspectives, which can be a big draw for clients. Not to mention, being able to provide greater work coverage to clients can be nice. We used this to our advantage while in Hong Kong, https://remotemode.net/ with a few of the team back in Europe — we had around 16 hours of ‘working time’ in a day, which was great for our clients. If the speed of execution and/or very tight coordination between team members is critical to your business, too much time zone spread may be a risk you’re not willing to take on . In this case, you’ll have to constrain your hiring to specific regions or time zones.

You’ll need to know which times of the day your colleague in London will be awake, and the times you’re most likely to get support tickets from your Australian customers. The Couchsurfing team has a similar schedule to make sure everyone’s connected. “We have a bi-monthly full company meeting to make sure we all know we still exist,” writes designer Ben Hanna. At Zapier, we stay connected with our team in a number of ways.

Set Aside Days For Correspondence

In a team working from multiple time zones, communication can’t always happen simultaneously. There’s no room to clarify what you meant in real-time, and you don’t have the luxury of reading someone’s facial expression or tone of voice.

  • “One danger of my job, as a columnist who works in California, is a feeling of disconnection from the mother ship in New York,” writes technology columnist Farhad Manjoo.
  • As the world is moving toward a fully distributed work model, there’s still plenty of value in in-person team meetups.
  • If you’re going west, it’s the opposite—stay up later, wake up later.
  • And there is a great app that one of the buffer developers developed called timezone.io.
  • Even after having an initial conversation, you should also speak up if you’re having issues attending many meetings in multiple timezones.
  • Sometimes design terminology to describe our process differed between our own studio locations, making it hard to communicate ideas precisely.

The future of work is remote, which means negotiating different time zones is an inescapable reality. Read on for 10+ strategies on making your communication inclusive and seamless. Google Calendar settings will also ask if you want to “Ask to update my primary time zone to current location,” and you can choose to check this box, or not.

The Key To Managing Across Time Zones

Are you expecting team members are able to travel to the office multiple times each year? By setting clear expectations, you won’t be faced with unwelcome surprises in the future. The issue is thus not only about time to connect but the greater impact this will have on the overall productivity. For instance, communication on issues such as program code, schedules, outcome of meetings, strategy plans requires constant communication and interaction. working in different time zones A remote team is a broad word because it can encompass a geographically dispersed group of members across time zones or a partnership with a third party such as a client or company to complete your project. Whatever the case, there is no denying that myriad challenges arise especially as regards the issue of varying time zones. The age of globalization has brought with it incredible benefits especially in project management.

It’ll make everyone feel valued and keep the team spirit high. When everyone defaults to “on track” and has thorough documentation available about best practices, they shouldn’t need to interrupt anyone to get things done. But sometimes, someone on the team will be stuck without the information they need, or something may be truly urgent.

There’s a lot of gesticular communication on video chats, so the quality must be keeping up. Teams in traditional office settings sometimes measure productivity by how long each team member spends at their desk. But remote teams can fall into the “I’m online, so I’m being productive” trap, too.

Video conferences are great for seeing and hearing other people, but they’re not the same as face-to-face meetings. We routinely have team members make visits to different offices. An important part of this travel for us is to build empathy and a better understanding of each location’s work environment, customer needs, and micro-culture. We also need to keep in mind daylight savings, which starts and ends at different times of the year across our offices.